mHealth Projects: Examples from Low- and Middle-Income Countries

The following table lists examples of mHealth projects in resource-poor settings. The examples are meant to give an impression of different application areas of mobile technology in health care and range from projects in planning phase to pilot studies to implemented programmes. As yet the majority of initiatives are pilots and few have been identified for scaling up.

The table can be sorted by project title, region, country or application area. Application areas include: Education & Awareness, Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics, Patient Monitoring, Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance, Emergency Medical Response System, Health Information System, HRH mLearning.

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Disclaimer: The project listing does neither claim completeness, nor does the mentioning of a project present a statement regarding its status, credibility or success. While we strive to keep the content as up-to-date as possible, project information may have changed in-between updating cycles. KIT does not take responsibility or liability for projects listed on these pages, nor content of external sites that are included as links.

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Projectsort icon Region Country Application Area Activities Partners / Sponsors
Cell PREVEN Latin America & Caribbean Peru Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

In 2004 a public health surveillance project to lower the rate of sexually transmitted diseases was piloted. Cell phones were used for real-time collection and transmission of adverse events related to metronidazole administration among female sex workers in three cities.

University of Washington Seattle;
The Wellcome Trust;
Imperial College London...
CellPhones4HIV Africa & Middle East South Africa Patient Monitoring & Support

Cell-Life is developing solutions that support the management and monitoring of HIV/AIDS. This includes Intelligent Dispensing of Antiretroviral Treatment (iDart) for adherence improvement, the data collection tool Aftercare, and the use of SMS to expand the uptake of HIV testing and follow-up in PMTCT.

ChildCount Africa & Middle East Kenya Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

In this pilot (started in July 2009), a mobile application based on RapidSMS was used by 100 community health workers (CHWs) in Sauri, Kenya, to actively monitor 9,500+ children under five. ChildCount supports the delivery of CMAM (community-based management of acute malnutrition) programmes; home-based testing for malaria using Rapid...

Millennium Villages Project;
The Earth Institute at Columbia University;
Colecta-PALM Emulator Latin America & Caribbean Peru Patient Monitoring & Support

Colecta-PALM is a web-based application delivered on PDAs that provides behavioral messaging to HIV/AIDS patients in order to advance adherence to antiretroviral treatment and reduce transmission. A pilot study was undertaken in 2007 with people living with HIV/AIDS in two clinics in Lima.

University of Washington;
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Lima;
CommCare Africa & Middle East Tanzania Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

Th mobile-phone based application aims to assist community health workers in managing household visits and planing their day, while at the same time collecting and reporting data to monitor and evaluate community health programs. It was piloted in several projects in Tanzania and the target is to have 1,400 health workers using CommCare by 2014...

D-Tree International;
Dimagi Inc.;
University of Washington;
CycleTel: Family Planning via Mobile Phones Asia-Pacific India Education & Awareness

This proof-of-concept aimed to assess the acceptability and feasibility of a mobile application called CycleTel. It supplies the Standard Days Method (SDM) directly to a user's cell phone. SDM is a fertility awareness-based method that requires the user to avoid unprotected sex during days 8-19 of her menstrual cycle. The study results from...

Georgetown University, Washington DC;
Institute for Reproductive Health India;
Dengue Monitoring with Mobile Phones Latin America & Carribean Mexico Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

The use of paper-based systems for data collection hampers an effective prevention and control of infectious diseases like malaria and dengue. A mhealth platform jointly developed by researchers in the U.S. and Mexico aims to give researchers near real-time montioring capacity of mosquito-borne diseases. It enables control teams to use mobile...

Colorado State University;
Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan;
Distance Diagnosis in Rural Tanzania Africa & Middle East Tanzania Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

Clinical officers use mobile phones to take pictures and notes of patients in remote areas of Tanzania. The information on complex medical cases can be shared with specialists from Dar es Salaam and abroad via the iPath telemedicine platform. Specialists view the information and provide advice remotely.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania;
Electronic - Integrated Disease Surveillance and... Africa & Middle East Tanzania Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

The Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) introduced the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (eIDSR) system in Tanzania in 2011. The system aims to improve containment and eventual prevention of disease outbreaks by providing real-time disease data directly from the field, making it available at all levels of the...

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Tanzania;
CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention);
Empowering CHWs to Improve Maternal, Newborn and... Asia-Pacific Bangladesh Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

The project aimed to decrease illnesses and deaths in mothers, newborns and children in urban slums of Bangladesh, focussing on major bottlenecks in the current healthcare system - low quality, burden of cost, and lack of timely intervention. Community Health Workers (CHWs) in urban slums were equipped with basic mobile phones in order to...

BRAC Manoshi;
Click Diagnostics;
EpiSurveyor Mobile Health Data Collection Africa & Middle East - Asia-Pacific - Latin America & Caribbean 170 countries including Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, India, Pakistan, Phillipines, Nicaragua, Brazil, Indonesia Health Management Information System (HMIS)

EpiSurveyor is a free mobile phone- and web-based data collection system. It is e.g. used for the collection of information regarding clinic supervision, vaccination coverage, or outbreak response, and it helps to identify and manage important public health issues including HIV/AIDS, malaria, and measles. As of April 2012, EpiSurveyor,...

United Nations Foundation;
Vodafone Foundation;
Expedited Results System to Improve Early Infant... Africa & Middle East Mozambique Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

After a successful 2009 pilot, Mozambique has nationally rolled out SMS printers in 2010. The results of infant HIV tests are electronically transmitted from two central reference laboratories in Maputo and the northern provincial capital, Nampula, to more than 275 health centres. This reduced the time it took for clinics to receive test...

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI);
Ministry of Health /...
Fitun Warmline AIDS Hotline Africa & Middle East Ethiopia Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

While access to antiretrovial treatment has significantly improved in recent years, especially in remote areas of Ethiopia there is still a shortage of experienced HIV-care providers. Since May 2008, the free hotline provides health-care professionals across the country with answers to their questions about HIV/AIDS care and treatment.

Ethiopia's National AIDS Resource Center;
Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs;
Free AIDS Test by Text Message Africa & Middle East Ethiopia Education & Awareness

Ahead of Ethiopia's New Year Celebrations in 2009, all of the 2.5 million mobile phone users received a text message to inform them about free HIV testing for themselves and their families.

Ethiopia's Federal HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Office;
Freedom HIV/AIDS Africa & Middle East Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda Education & Awareness

Replicating a successful programme launched in India in 2005, an Indian company teamed up with other organizations to replicate its model in six African countries. Mobile phone games are used to help combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and fight stigma and discrimination. Two games were launched in 2006, both in English and local languages, Kiswahili...

Freedom HIV/AIDS Asia-Pacific India Education & Awareness

A company spezialised in mobile game development released several mobile phone games to help combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and fight stigma and discrimination. The games were initially launched in India in 2005 and reached millions of mobile phone users in the country. The model has since been replicated in six African countries.

Reliance Infocomm;
FrontlineSMS:Medic for Community Service Providers Asia-Pacific Bangladesh Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

Community Service Providers (CSPs) help to bridge between patients and physician, mainly for family planning and maternal and child care services, and often at considerable distance from their parent clinic. In these pilots, mobile technology was used in two rural clinics in Bangladesh to speed-up the writing and gathering of health data and...

HealthLine Asia-Pacific Bangladesh Patient Monitoring & Support

The 24-hour medical call center was launched in 2006, a paid service accessible to GrameenPhone subscribers. Services include information on medical facilities and pharmacies, interpretation of test results, as well as medical advice from a doctor. With only one doctor per 4,000 people, the service is set up as an extension of primary health...

GrameenPhone Ltd.;
Telemedicine Reference Center Limited (TRCL);
HIV Confidant Africa & Middle East South Africa Education & Awareness

HIV Confidant was tested in 2003/2004 in a district in South Africa, aiming to encourage HIV/AIDS testing by ensuring secure distribution of test results through the use of handheld computers and standard encryption techniques. The project wanted to contribute to enhancing a number of national indicators and addressing excluded groups and...

Dimagi Inc.;
Africa Center for Health and Population Studies KwaZulu Natal;
HMRI Asia-Pacific India Patient Monitoring & Support

HMRI started a pilot project of Telemedicine in Andrha Pradesh in 2008 with initially seven telemedicine consulting centers in district hospitals, primary health centres and old age homes, providing general physician and cardiology consultation.

National Rural Health Mission;
State Government of Andhra Pradesh;
Home-based Testing Initiative Africa & Middle East Kenya Patient Monitoring & Support

Launched in 2009, the public-private partnership provides home-based HIV counseling and testing. It aims to reach two million people in western Kenya with their services over the next two years. The counselor carries hand-held PDA and GPS devices to collect and enter data on family health, record test results and identify the physical location...

AMPATH Eldoret Programme, Government of Kenya;
Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria (GBC);
ICT4MPOWER Africa & Middle East Uganda HRH mLearning

The 3-year proof of concept project “ICT4MPOWER” aims to increase the effectiveness of the Ugandan health system and empower Community Health Workers in the Isingiro district and Mbarara region for better health outcomes of the rural population. Launched in April 2009, it is not only meant to aid referrals and patient follow ups,...

Uganda Communications Commission;
Ministry of Health;
Ministry of ICT;
Infectious Disease Surveillance After Earthquake Asia-Pacific China Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

A landline-based system for reporting the occurrence of epidemic-prone diseases was disrupted after the strong earthquake in Sichuan province in 2008. An emergency reporting system based on mobile phones was developed, using SMS to send information to a national database.

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention;
Jaalaka: Connecting and Educating Female Sex... Asia-Pacific India Education & Awareness

In Karnataka, India, a pilot project used FrontlineSMS technology to connect members of the HIV/AIDS population in a widespread rural area to improve service delivery and social support. Both professional outreach Workers as well as volunteer peer educators were employed in 2009 to travel to distant villages to educate female sex workers about...

The Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT);
Bhoruka Charitable Trust (BCT);
Jaroka Tele-Healthcare Services for Lady Health... Asia-Pacific Pakistan HRH mLearning

Lady Health Workers (LHW) are government-trained healthcare workers who operate out of their homes in rural areas of Pakistan providing primary and maternal care. The project launched in 2008 aimed to utilize mobile platforms to extend tele-healthcare based services in rural Mardan, including SMS, MMS, GPRS/Edge and VSAT, to extend medical...

NUST Institute of Information Technology Pakistan;USAID, HEC and ISIF Foundation
UM Healthcare Trust;
Lady Health Workers Asia-Pacific Pakistan Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

Since 1994, Lady Health Workers help to improve health services, especially in maternal and infant care, in remote, rural areas of Pakistan. In a six-months pilot-project in 2008, 242 Lady Health Workers were equipped with mobile phones to enable communication with supervisors and allow more efficient referral of serious cases.

GSMA Development Fund;
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA);...
Learning about Living Africa & Middle East Nigeria Education & Awareness

Learning about Living was launched in 2007 and uses different educational tools to teach reproductive health and promote the HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programme among adolescents in Nigeria. eLearning tool on sexual and reproductive health and rights is aimed at students as well as teachers and parents. MyQuestion and MyAnswer is a Q...

ActionAid Nigeria (AAN);
Action Health Incorporated (AHI);
Butterfly Works...
Librarians & Doctors Teaming Up Latin America & Carribean Guatemala Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

Librarians and physicians are teaming up in order to improve accessibility of clinical information in Guatemala and thus improving care. In a first step it wlll provide physicians in Guatemala with access to electronic medical information in databases and e-journals via smart phones; in addition they will have the possibility to contact Penn...

University of Pennsylvania Libraries;
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine;
m-Money for Women with Fistula Africa & Middle East Kenya Health Financing

Major barriers that women face in accessing fistula repair services is the cost of transport and a lack of information about treatment options and costs. This project uses a combination of mobile banking, public information, and free treatment in order to give women access to fistula repair. Women can call a free hotline, and if money is needed...

Fistula Care / EngenderHealth;
Freedom from Fistula Foundation (FFF);
Malaria Surveillance & Mapping Africa & Middle East Botswana Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

The partners in this project aim to move away from slow paper reports and instead equip health-care workers with mobile phones to gather malaria data and upload the information to the cloud. Workers can also tag data with a GPS coordinate, pictures, video, and audio. In case of signals for an outbreak, Ministry of Health officials and other...

Ministry of Health Botswana;
Clinton Foundation;
mCARE for maternal, neonatal and postpartum care Asia-Pacific Bangladesh Patient Monitoring & Support

The programme running from 2011-2013 utilizes mobile phone and database technologies to improve registration and monitoring of pregnancies as well as neonatal and post-partum care. The pilot is taking place in rural Bangladesh, where the burden of maternal and neonatal mortality is highest. Mobile phones play an improtant role in contacting a...

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health;
mDhil Health Information on Mobiles Asia-Pacific India Education & Awareness

mDhil is a for-profit company that provides basic health information via SMS as well as original health videos viewable on mobile phones. Based on grassroots surveys key health topics of interest in the general public were identified, including diabetes, maternal health and sexual health.

Various mobile network providers;
MDOT Mobile Direct Observation Treatment for TB... Africa & Middle East Kenya Patient Monitoring & Support

The purpose of this pilot study from 2009 was to assess feasibility and acceptability among healthcare workers and patients in using video-enabled mobile telephones to monitor patient adherence to TB medication, as well as to assess patient response to having both text and video health messages sent to them via the mobile phone.

Mbaghati District Hopsital;
Medical Smart Card Africa & Middle East Kenya Health Financing

The Changamka Medical Smart Card allows people who have no access to medical plans or insurance cover to save money using M-PESA transfers. Savings can be used to pay for primary health care, specified laboratory tests and drugs at pre-contracted prices. In a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme with a maternal health clinic, the health...

Changamka Microhealth Ltd.;
Pumwani Maternity Hospital;
MedicallHome Hotline Latin America & Carribean Mexico Patient Monitoring & Support

MedicallHome is an independent, subscription health-hotline operating in Mexico since 1998. It offers phone consults, drug information and discounts in certain medical facilities.

Mobile E-IMCI Africa & Middle East Tanzania Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

A pilot study was done in Mtwara to test the use of an electronic job aid on a PDA to improve adherence to the Integrated Management of childhood Illness (IMCI) protocols in rural Tanzania.  

D-Tree International;
Dimagi Inc.;
University of Washington;
Mobile Midwife Africa & Middle East Ghana Education & Awareness

The Mobile Midwife project in northeast Ghana is part of the ‘Mobile Technology for Community Health’ (MoTeCH) project. It aims to improve antenatal and neonatal care among the rural poor and to empower women to take control over their own health. Voice or text messages provide relevant health information during the pregnancy and...

Grameen Foundation;
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
University of...
Mobile Money to Access Health Care Facilities Africa & Middle East Tanzania Health Financing

The M-PESA mobile money transfer system is used by the CCBRT Hospital in Tanzania to pay for the transport of women suffering from fistula, children with cleft palates and other disabilities. As a bus ride to the capital is unaffordable for many Tanzanians living in rural areas these people would not be able to access surgical health services...

CCBRT - Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation;
Mobile Phones & Financial Incentives to... Asia-Pacific Pakistan Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

The Indus Hospital in Karachi experienced a significant increase in tuberculosis (TB) case detection following the start of a new programme in January 2011 that uses mobile phone technology and financial incentives to track down people with TB. Family doctors and community health workers are rewarded for screening patients and referring...

Stop TB Partnership TB REACH Initiative;
Indus Hospital Karachi;
Mobile Technology to Fight Fake Drugs Africa & Middle East Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya Health Management Information System (HMIS)

mPedigree developed a SMS-based system to fight the exploding appearance of counterfeit drugs in developing countries. The scratch card method reveals a single-use numeric code on drugs that users can text for free from their mobile phone, instantly receiving information if the drugs are genuine or counterfeit.The system is operational in Ghana...

Mobile network operators;
Mobile Technology to Reduce Maternal Death Africa & Middle East Senegal Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

The region of Kedougou has the highest maternal mortality rates in Senegal, due to poor quality and limited availability of obstetric health services. In order to improve access to skilled assistance during delivery, the project aims to improve communication links between villages and health centres by donating prepaid mobile phones and working...

WAHA International;
Ministry of Health of Senegal;
The Fistula Foundation;...
Mobile Teledermatology Service Africa & Middle East Botswana, Malawi Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

The Africa Teledermatology Project, initiated in 2007, operates in six African countries, using ICT to capture and send images of patients to specialists in other African countries, Austria and the United States. These provide diagnostic and treatment support to local physicians, dermatologists, and health care workers in hospitals and clinics...

University of Pennsylvania;
Medical University of Graz;...
Monitoring Access to Healthcare Africa & Middle East Ghana Health Management Information System (HMIS)

The Ghanaian government instituted a National Health Insurance Scheme in 2003 to remove the financial barriers to quality health care for the poor. The 2-year project launched in 2009 developed an open source monitoring tool for use on handheld mobile devices to collect and share data on whether the poor are actually benefiting from the scheme...

SEND West Africa;
Pambazuko PALM Africa & Middle East Kenya Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

A web-based application delivered on PDAs was developed and tested in 2007 to collect patient risk assessment data, and deliver counseling protocol training and evaluation to nurses involved in HIV care.

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI);
University of Washington;
Phones for Health Africa & Middle East Rwanda Health Management Information System (HMIS)

The system was designed to collect, store, retrieve, and disseminate critical programme, drug, and patient information related to HIV/AIDS care and treatment. It allows health workers to report data from the field using mobile phones, as well as PCs and PDAs. The data is mapped and analyzed automatically and immediately available to health...

Treatment and Research AIDS Centre (TRAC) Rwanda;
Accenture Development Partners;
Project Masiluleke Africa & Middle East South Africa Education & Awareness

In a first phase that was launched in October 2008, free text messages connect mobile users to existing HIV and TB call centers. Trained operators provide callers with accurate healthcare information, counseling and referrals to local testing clinics. Following phases will include text alerts in order to increase adherence to anti-retroviral...

iTeach Integration of TB in Education and Care for HIV/AIDS;
Praekelt Foundation;
Project Zumbido - Fighting Social Isolation of... Latin America & Carribean Mexico Education & Awareness

Zumbido used group mobile phone communication via SMS in order to provide support to those living with HIV/AIDS and faced with stigma and social discrimination. Overcoming this social isolation through communication with other persons faced with similar challenges can help to avoid further negative health effects, provide emotional support and...

The SHM Foundation;
Reaching Hard-to-Reach Populations Asia-Pacific Vietnam Education & Awareness

This project was launched in March 2011 with the aim to reach ethnic minotrity and underserved populations in remote areas of Vietnam. Key components include an mHealth information-education-communication (IEC) system to distribute culturally and linguistically appropriate health messages. The messages refer to sexual and reproductive health,...

Pathfinder International Vietnam;
Rockefeller Foundation;
Real-Time Biosurveillance Program Asia-Pacific India Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

Epidemiology Unit Officials in India and Sri Lanka face problems in receiving health information in a timely manner in order to prevent diseases reaching epidemic states. In this pilot project village level nurses in selected districts in India and Sri Lanka were provided with mobile phones with custom software for messaging out-patient...

Carnegie Mellon University Auton Lab;
Sri Lankan Ministry of Health and Nutrition;
Real-Time Biosurveillance Program Asia-Pacific Sri Lanka Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

Epidemiology Unit Officials in India and Sri Lanka face problems in receiving health information in a timely manner in order to prevent diseases reaching epidemic states. In this pilot project village level nurses in selected districts in India and Sri Lanka were provided with mobile phones with custom software for messaging out-patient...

see Indian project-part for list of partners;
Reduced test reporting timeline for HIV-positive... Africa & Middle East Kenya Health Management Information System (HMIS)

Up to now it can take three months before results from HIV tests would be reported. For a baby such a long delay in starting treament is fatal. In order to dramatically reduce the reporting timeline, several organizations and the Kenyan Ministry of Health teamed up to develop a solution based on mobile phone technology and cloud computing,...

Kenyan Ministry...
Saving mothers and newborns using RapidSMS Africa & Middle East Rwanda Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

The Rwandan RapidSMS application was designed specifically to support maternal, neonatal and early child health at the community level and to save mothers and newborn lives. The tools help community health workers (CHWs) to track pregnant women, monitor antenatal care, identify and refer women at risk, and improve communication with health...

Rwandan Ministry of Health;
Screening for Oral Cancer Asia-Pacific India Point-of-Care Support & Diagnostics

Medical personnel of a cancer centre and two hospitals in India have started screening high-risk individuals for oral cancer using smart phones with camera. The condition is either diagnosed by using the pre-loaded software on the phone, or by uploading the data to the hospital's EMR (electronic medical records) system for specialist...

Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals;
Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre;
Sana at Harvard/...
Sex-Ed Thru Text Asia-Pacific Indonesia Education & Awareness

An SMS-hotline was set up to provide quick, anonymous responses to a wide range of sexual education topics, including STDs and HIV/AIDS.

Child Family Services Philippines;
Peace Corps Philippines;
SIMmed Africa & Middle East South Africa Patient Monitoring & Support

The patient takes their medication and presses a speed dial on the mobile phone. If the compliance database has not been received that message within the prescribed period it generates an SMS to remind the patient. If the patient still does not take their medication and presses speed dial, the database will generate a SMS to a local care giver...

SIMpill Africa & Middle East South Africa Patient Monitoring & Support

In order to improve compliance in TB and HIV/AIDS treatment, a pill bottle was developed that automatically delivers a message to a central server when opened. Should no message be received the server automatically sends a reminder by SMS, first to the patient and thereafter to different levels of care givers. The project was piloted in 2006/07...

Western Cape Provincial Department of Health;
SMS alerts for infant vaccinations Asia-Pacific India Education & Awareness

The new vaccination alert system will be connected to the 'Hospital Kiosks' where parents register the birth of their child. From March 2011, alerts on vaccination dates and details on their importance will be automatically sent to the mobile numbers of parents. Challenges to overcome in order to have complete data include the fact that...

Information Kerala Mission / Government of Kerala
SMS for Health - Monitoring Key Drug Stock Levels Africa & Middle East Gambia Health Management Information System (HMIS)

This pilot project launched in June 2010 aimed at improving access and reliability of medicine supply using mobile phone technology. Real-time data collected with mobile phones helped tracking key drug stock levels and expiry dates across the supply chain. At the same time, monitoring of seasonal variation in the incidence of diseases...

Ministry of Health Gambia;
SMS for Life Africa & Middle East Tanzania Health Management Information System (HMIS)

This initiative uses a combination of mobile phones, SMS messages and electronic mapping technology to generate information on stock availability of Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT) and quinine injectables and delivers it on a weekly basis to all health facilities. This visibility is meant to avoid stock-outs and ultimately to reduce...

Roll Back Malaria;
Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare;
SMS for Life Africa & Middle East Ghana Health Management Information System (HMIS)

This initiative uses a combination of mobile phones, SMS messages, a configurable campaign management platform and electronic mapping technology to generate information on stock availability of artemether-lumefantrine, ASAQ, Amoxicillin and rapid diagnostic tests. The information is collected weekly and made available in a set of reports,...

Ghana Health Service;
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute;
Roll Back...
SMS to monitor malaria in remote areas Africa & Middle East Uganda Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance

This project was made possible through the introduction of malaria rapid diagnostic tests and the availability of wirless communication networks also in remote areas, linking rural health workers to central health services. In November 2009 a RapidSMS reporting system was implemented at more than 140 clinics. The system implementation was aimed...

Uganda Ministry of Health;
Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND);
SMS to Reach Remote Health Workers Africa & Middle East Kenya Health Management Information System (HMIS)

Capacity Kenya had to manage and communicate with over 700 health workers hired under a rapid hiring plan and deployed to remote villages. Communication needs such as submission of timesheets, payroll-related queries or regarding accountability had to be done by postal mail, costing considerable time, or by landline phones, suffering from...

Capacity Kenya;
Spread the Message Stop the Virus Africa & Middle East Uganda Education & Awareness

A pilot in 2008 and a follow-up project in 2009 aimed at increasing awareness on HIV/AIDS and encourage the use of counseling and testing through interactive text messages in form of multiple choice questions. When answered correctly, participants obtained free access to HIV counseling and testing services and at the same time qualified for a...

Text to Change;
AIDS Information Center Uganda (AIC);
Royal Netherlands...
SURE - Securing Ungandans' Rights to... Africa & Middle East Uganda Health Management Information System (HMIS)

"In June 2010, the SURE Program in partnership with the SPS project pioneered the use of mobile phones in collection of facility data for Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI) End User Verification (EUV) activity in Uganda. The objective of the survey was to generate data for verifying the availability of malaria medicines and commodities...

Ministry of Health Uganda;
Makerere University Kampala;
Text Messaging for Health Africa & Middle East South Africa Education & Awareness

The initiative aimed to study the effectiveness of a SMS intervention among low-income women in South Africa living with type-2 diabetes. The pilot study was designed to determine if regular support from a peer (who also has diabetes) using a new text messaging application can provide simple and affordable approaches of peer-to-...

Women for Peace South Africa;
University of California Los Angeles;
DPS Health...
Texting4Health Africa & Middle East Uganda Education & Awareness

The sensitization campaign was launched in July 2009 in Uganda's second largest commercial town. Thousands of mobile phone users were encouraged to learn about HIV/AIDS through a short health quiz using SMS. An extension to neighbouring countries was planned.

Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN-DESA);
World Health Organization (WHO);
The Uganda Health Information Network (UHIN) Africa & Middle East Uganda Health Management Information System (HMIS)

Since 2003, 175 remote health facilities serving more than 1.5 million people are able to send and receive data and medical updates using PDAs. The system is used to transmit disease surveillance data, reports related to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and data for monitoring drug usage and stocks. Capacity building among health workers is...

International Development Research Centre (IDRC);
VidaNET Latin America & Carribean Mexico Patient Monitoring & Support

VidaNET is a free mHealth adherence system for people living with HIV/AIDS. It was launched in Mexico in 2008, providing users with SMS-tips on living with HIV/AIDS, information on medications, and support to stay adherent to taking medications and keeping appointments.

Instituto Carso Salud;
Medical Clinica;
WelTel Support for Clinical Management of Patients Africa & Middle East Kenya Patient Monitoring & Support

This programme operated a clinical trial in Kenya starting in 2007 that measured the effectiveness of using SMS in improving patient adherence and response to highly-active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).  The results published in 2010 found that patients who received SMS support had significantly improved ART adherence and rates of viral...

University of Nairobi;
Partners/Sponsors: University of Nairobi;
Wired Mothers Africa & Middle East Tanzania (Zanzibar) Patient Monitoring & Support

The pilot project aimed to examine the beneficial impact of use of mobile phones for health care on maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality, and to seek innovative ways to ensure access to skilled attendance at delivery. 'Wired mothers' being pregnant women linked to a primary health care unit through use of mobile phones...

University of Copenhagen;
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Zanzibar, Tanzania;
X Out TB Asia-Pacific Pakistan Patient Monitoring & Support

In order to reduce treatment non-compliance, a pilot project combined adherence monitoring with an incentive structure. TB patients were given encrypted paper-microfluidics test strips. When the medicine has been taken, a urin test reveales a code which the patient sent via SMS to a database. Compliance is rewarded with free mobile...

Innovations in International Health of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
Interactive Research and Development...
X out TB Latin America & Caribbean Nicaragua Patient Monitoring & Support

In order to reduce treatment non-compliance, a pilot project combined adherence monitoring with an incentive structure. TB patients were given encrypted paper-microfluidics test strips. When the medicine has been taken, a urin test reveals a code which the patient sends via SMS to a database. Compliance is rewarded with free mobile...

Innovations in International Health of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
CARE Nicaragua;